Elisenda Estruch-Puertas

Economist/Rural Economy Specialist, Sectoral Policies Department, ILO

Elisenda Estruch Puertas is an economist with more than fifteen years of experience in international development, policy, strategic partnerships, economic analysis, capacity development and resource mobilization. She has wide expertise in rural employment, decent work, informal employment, youth, women, migration and social protection. She is working in the ILO’s Sectoral Policies Department (SECTOR) in HQ/Geneva. She has over 15 years of experience in policy support, capacity development and analytical work to promote decent work in the rural economy and related sectors. Previously, Elisenda worked as labour economist at FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization). She has conducted extensive research on labour markets, and has authored a multitude of peer-reviewed publications on the topic of labour markets and employment promotion, particularly in rural areas. Elisenda holds a European PhD in Socio-Economics and Statistics, as well as a degree in Economics and a master's degree in European Economics.