Pablo Vidueira

Director of Evaluation, Global Alliance on the future of Food

Ph.D., is a systems change and evaluation consultant, researcher, professor, and facilitator. I work as the Director of Evaluation and Blue Marble Evaluator of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, a strategic alliance of philanthropies working together to transform food systems. I use evaluation and systems theories and methods to support the Alliance in making sense of, learning from, and advancing its role and mission. I am a professor and researcher at Comillas Pontifical University, where I teach and research the interplay of systemic change and evaluation, with a focus on food systems and social development. I also advise and train universities, foundations, think tanks, and individuals in Europe, America, and Africa. I sit in the editorial board of New Directions in Evaluation, and previously served as program co-chair of the Systems in Evaluation Topical Interest Group of the American Evaluation Association and as the elected president of a regional professional evaluation association in Spain and Portugal, APROEVAL.